My Robin is not detected by PC or Mac

For Windows users:

When you plug Robin into your PC, the drivers should be automatically installed onto your computer. If you don't see Robin when you open My Computer, you may need to reinstall the drivers which help your PC recognize the phone.

You can download the drivers HERE. Once you've downloaded them, unzip the file, and click on the setup.exe file to install the driver. After, enable the USB debug option in the Developer settings and allow your Robin to connect. If you have further issues, please contact our support team at for assistance!

For Mac users:

Similarly, for Mac users, when you plug in Robin for the first time, you should see a Robin Tools CD pop up on the desktop. Inside, you may see the androidfiletransfer.dmg file. Click on it to install and enable the USB debug option in the Developer settings. Once installed, enable the USB MTP settings through the notification menu, and you should be set. 

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